Brian J. Shores

Technical Skills Summary

·         Software proficiencies:  DOS, Win3.1, Win95, Win98, Win2000, WinXP, WinNT 4.0 Workstation and Server, MS Office, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, Adobe Acrobat, AutoCAD (thru 2002), AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop (thru v6.0), Cadkey, Microstation, 3D Studio Max, Paint Shop Pro. Photoshop, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Java (using Visual Café), QuickBasic, PASCAL, FORTRAN, HTML, JavaScript, Flash/Swish.

·         Officially trained and certified in the use of AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop v1.2.

·         Hardware proficiencies:  Familiar with most PC configurations and legacy systems, system and peripheral board replacements, upgrades and basic troubleshooting, hardware installation and setup.

·         Familiar with essential network equipment and network administration.


Employment History


CAD Engineer / Manager of Information Systems, LF Systems Corporation, New Castle, DE.

(April 2002 – Present)

  • Designing casework, fixtures, fume hoods, and miscellaneous components in 2D and 3D using AutoCAD 2002.
  • Producing an illustrated design guide for use by the company (ongoing).
  • Project management duties: cost estimating/planning, documentation review, vendor management, and scheduling.
  • Assisting in optimization of various departments by streamlining system operations procedures, such as organizing and expanding the CAD libraries, directory optimization, form standardization, and MS Outlook resource sharing.
  • Creating IT policy, business process maps, and an integrated database system to increase administrative efficiency.
  • Ensuring PC’s overall health, including software and hardware updates, system upgrades, general troubleshooting, and backups/archiving.
  • Ensuring that network (Win 98) runs properly, including local area network directories, e-mail, and internet access.
  • Designing, administering, and updating the corporate website, including page layout, graphics, and file management.
  • Generating images and multimedia content for sales, promotional literature, and presentations (sales and client) to support business goals.


Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, SEOS Incorporated, Kennett Square, PA.

(April 1996 - March 2002)

  • All functions included as in previous job with 3-D Structures (see below), and in addition:
  • Configuring and maintaining a Windows NT 4.0 based network and associated software applications (NT Server 4.0, Workstation, MS Exchange, Office 97).
  • Lead designer on projects for the US Army, BVR F-5 and F-16 trainers, CSC Kaman Aerospace motion based flight trainer, BAe Hawk trainer, SAAB Gripen trainer, CASA Eurofighter trainer, BVR F-16 dome displays, many small virtual reality-type screens.
  • Customer and vendor interface, leading to attendance and presentations at critical design meetings for the CASA project in Madrid, Spain, design reviews at Volos Air Force Base in Greece, design reviews for Hawk at SEOS UK in England, and design reviews for CSC Kaman in Tampa, Florida.
  • Performing engineering management functions: task analysis & process mapping, resource allocation, spec reviews.
  • Developing engineering procedures and specifications for ISO 9000 certification.
  • Developing Visual Basic software modules for engineering calculation automation.


Mechanical Designer, 3-D Structures, Inc., Avondale, PA.

(August 1993 - March 1996)

  • Creating detailed parts and complete assemblies in 3-D solids and wireframe CAD.
  • Producing presentation and sales graphics and materials.
  • Maintaining and troubleshooting hardware and software.
  • Performing system backups, system upgrades, and network maintenance (LANtastic).
  • Serving as the direct shop and vendor liaison, technical field support.
  • Secret material clearance.


 Architectural Drafting Technician, Patterson Schwartz New Homes Division, Newark, DE
(December 1991 - August 1992)

  • Producing residential floor plans and perspective drawings for real estate literature.
  • Basic electronic accounting and bookkeeping.


Drafting Technician, Franco R. Bellafante & Associates, P.L.S. Inc., Wilmington, DE.

(December 1989 - September 1990)

  • Board drafting in ink of mortgage inspection plans, utility easements, topographic maps, site plans, etc.
  • Blueprinting, including sepia and cloth prints.
  • Member of field surveying teams assisting in setup and measurement.



  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration specializing in Management of Information Systems, Drexel University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 2003. Graduated Cum Laude, GPA: 3.53. Golden Key Honor Society member (top 10% of class).
  • Associate’s Degree in Applied Science – Architectural Engineering Technology.  Delaware Technical and Community College, Stanton, Delaware.  May 1995.  Named outstanding Architectural Engineering Technology Graduate for the class of 1995.  Dean's List student, Member of Phi Theta Kappa International Scholastic Order.
  • Civil Engineering/Visual Communications and Graphic Arts.  University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware.  Attended from August 1990 – December 1991.


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